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newspaper No 13 - NOW OUT!

In our 4th year of quarterly publication, issue 13 (January 2019) is now available here online. Printed copies of the 12-page full colour tabloid will be available from January 8. We SOLD ALL COPIES of our last issue, so order now to avoid disappointment.

Features include the Safety Campaign, a look forward towards the Long Term Plan and back at the Five Year Forward View, reports from our Social Care Conference, pages of campaign news from around the country, two pages on mental health, and a special feature from Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth MP … plus much more.

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Social Care conference a big success

Well over 100 people from all over England took part in the successful Reclaim Social Care conference called by Health Campaigns Together in Birmingham on November 17, in collaboration with the Socialist Health Association, the National Pensioners Convention and others.

More pictures and reports, along with background facts and info on social care, are available HERE.

June 30: tens of thousands celebrate and demonstrate for #OurNHS70

See HERE for a collection of news, video and pictures from the day

CALENDAR of events

Sunday 27th January 2019
6:30 pm

Spit & Sawdust Music Hall

The Regal Theatre, Tenbury Wells

One night only - audience invited to dress in period costume!
All proceeds to be donated to Shropshire Defend Our NHS Campaign.


What hope for a ten year plan for the NHS?

The repeated postponement of the 10-year “long term plan” for the NHS called for during the summer by Theresa May is partly a product of the fixation on Brexit – but partly a reflection of the cleft stick in which NHS England is trapped ...

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Info links

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  • Prescription Drug Costs Driven By Manufacturer Price Hikes, Not Innovation Maybe not a shock to many, but useful exposure of rip-off pharma industry and why its proces keep rising.

  • Care cuts failing older people in England, says human rights group Human Rights Watch report accuses the government of a lack of oversight of a social care system which is largely devolved to town halls and voices concern about a 140% increase in adult social care complaints since 2010 following a cut of almost 50% in central government funding for councils.

  • Spend on 'vital' community services cut by a fifth HSJ flags up research revealing cutbacks over the years in services which are supposedly key to the NHS Long Term Plan's ambitions for mental health: "The average spend by trusts on their community teams decreased from £6.2m per 100,000 people served in 2012-13, to £5.3m in 2016-17. This is a 15 per cent reduction in cash terms. Once inflation is considered, the cut was 20 per cent."

  • Home Office doubles charge for migrants to use the NHS Another racist measure giving a kick in the teeth to the NHS's multinational workforce and many more:
    "The standard Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) will today double from £200 to £400 a year, a sum the Home Office says will bring much-needed funds to the National Health Service. But those who have to pay it - even if they are already working and paying taxes - say the doubled charge will be crippling for people including NHS workers, families with children, and people who have been in the UK since childhood."

  • Revealed: The number of operations cancelled every day at Leicester's hospitals Leicester Mercury report notes a 6 percent increase in a county where there are still plans to axe acute beds.

  • New regime revealed for trusts with biggest financial holes A new jargon buzz phrase revealed by the HSJ: “accelerated turnaround process.”
    Apparently NHS Improvement will deploy this new scheme to deal with the 30 trusts which combined account for the net total of the trust provider deficit of £1.2bn.

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