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This issue features an exclusive article by Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth. Plus news and views from campaigns across the country and details of our November 4 conference.

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November 4 Conference

After the sheer scale of our massive demonstration in London on March 4, November 4 was another special day to remember. Well over 400 people from the length and breadth of England crowded into Hammersmith Town Hall for Health Campaigns Together's highly successful Campaigners Conference.

Full reports and information

Click here for extracts from all the platform speeches, video of the keynote speakers and reports on action points from the workshops as they come in.

Award-winning film director KEN LOACH’s speech that won a standing ovation

A dozen workshops covered a wide range of campaigning issues, while eight regional workshops began strengthening networking and targeting areas for special attention.

Nine national speakers, two health workers and two local campaigners spoke in two plenary sessions chaired by HCT’s joint chairs Merril Hammer and Louise Irvine, drawing enthusiastic applause.

Labour Shadow health secretary JON ASHWORTH’s powerful message to the conference

End the 7-year freeze on funding

NOV 22 Budget: Pile the pressure on Tory MPs!

The TUC and Health Campaigns Together, working with the NHS Support Federation have issued a joint appeal urging local campaigners to put maximum pressure on Tory MPs to lobby Chancellor Philip Hammond for a big increase in funding for the NHS and an end to the 7-year cap on NHS pay that has left NHS staff 16% worse off in real terms than 2010.

CALENDAR of events

Tuesday 21st November 2017
18:00 - 19:30

Fund Our NHS - Stop the Winter Crisis Join us to demand that the Government provide proper funding for our NHS in the Budget
Opposite Downing Street Whitehall, London
Last winter our NHS was driven into the worst crisis in its history.
We witnessed patients dying in hospital corridors, staff stretched to breaking point and the Red Cross declaring a 'humanitarian crisis' in our NHS.
This winter looks set to be worse. Ministers ignored warnings from NHS Providers that extra money was needed by August to put extra resources in place.
Head of NHS England Simon Stevens has warned the Government that unless billions of pounds is found in the budget for the NHS it won't be able to cope.
Revelations in the Paradise Papers show how companies, politicians and individuals are avoiding paying billions of pounds in tax using offshore tax havens rather than paying their fair share here.
While thousands are left without money as the Government rolls out Universal Credit, more people than ever are having to rely on foodbanks to feed their families, our NHS is in a funding crisis, public sector workers are still facing a pay cap below inflation.
Millions can't access affordable housing yet the richest individuals and biggest companies take money that should be spent on dealing with these problems and squirrel it away for themselves.
This must stop.
Health Campaigns Together is teaming up with the People's Assembly and other campaigns the night before the Budget is announced to make sure the alternative more cuts, closures and privatisation is heard.
Join us !

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Hundreds turn out to save Weston Hospital A&E

The event was organised by The Save Weston A&E Campaign, which is a partnership of Protect Our NHS North Somerset, The North Somerset & Weston Trades Council, and Weston Labour Party and an estimated 300 people supported the rally ...

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