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Health Campaigns Together is a broad campaigning coalition of trade unions and health campaigners, established in 2016.

All three major health unions are part of HCT, and we support them in their fight to win a fair pay deal for staff. We also have great support from non-health unions.

HCT and KONP played a key role in the establishment of the broad SOSNHS coalition launched in January 2022. This coalition now has the support of 55 organisations including 18 trade unions. The immediate demands of SOS NHS are: Emergency funding to save a struggling NHS; investment in a fully publicly owned NHS; and to pay staff properly - without fair pay, staffing shortages will cost lives.

SOS NHS gathered over 345,000 signatures on a petition early in 2022 demanding emergency funding for the NHS. It held a successful conference in November with speakers from several trade unions, and a national demonstration in London on March 11th.

We hope your branch and/or regional committee will wish to affiliate for 2023. Health Campaigns Together merged with Keep Our NHS Public in 2022 and continues to play a vital role within KONP in broadening the alliance and strengthening the work of KONP and HCT with trade unions.

Your affiliation to HCT now also brings with it the offer of a complimentary affiliation to KONP (unless you choose to opt out).

HCT holds affiliates meetings online, and our affiliates decide policies and campaigning priorities. We are only as strong as our affiliates. We value your support.

Please affiliate (or reaffiliate) for 2023 – if possible ONLINE here. On this page are details on how to pay by bank transfer to our Coop Bank account:

  • but please also be sure to fill in the form giving details of your organisation and how we can keep you in touch with campaigns and new publications.

    • £500 for a national trade union,
    • £300 for a smaller national, or regional trade union organisation
    • £50 regular rate for local organisations such as union branches, labour parties or local campaigns – unless this is an obstacle to supporting Health Campaigns Together
    • Other rates by arrangement.
    (If your organisation is unable to afford £50 but would like to support Health Campaigns Together, please contact us at healthcampaignstogether@gmail.com)

    To join Health Campaigns Together, please fill in the form below and click Send.

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    We are committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal data and only using it an appropriate way for NHS campaigning in line with the objectives of Health Campaigns Together.

    HCT will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to unaffiliated third parties unless we have your permission.

    Our full policy is published here

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    It’s best for us, and you will get a more rapid response, if you can make direct payments online to our Coop Bank account: Sort Code 08-92-99, Account Number 65797921.

    If you are unable to make payments online, cheques are very welcome. Please make out to Health Campaigns Together, and send to Health Campaigns Together, c/o KONP, PO Box 78440, LONDON SE14 9FA.

    In any case, please fill in and submit this form to let us know your contact details.
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    If you have any queries please email us at healthcampaignstogether@gmail.com

    If you are not part of an organisation you can still help Health Campaigns Together by making a donation.

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