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Make wearing face masks compulsory in public where social distancing is difficult

Dennis Reed started this petition to HM Government.

As the UK comes out of lock down, it will be essential to stop the spread of coronavirus in public places where social distancing is difficult, for example shops, workplaces and public transport. Face masks have been shown to offer some protection from infected droplets spread by a carrier, including those who are showing no symptoms.

The Government must make face masks compulsory in confined spaces, like many other countries, in order to save the lives of older and vulnerable people and to stop a second wave of infections. Government must also guarantee supplies of free or low cost non-medical masks for the public, by manufacturing, procuring and stockpiling them now. This will prevent front line emergency workers being starved of essential PPE through public demand.

Sign the Change.org petition supported by Silver Voices, the UK-wide membership organisation for the over 60s, which is affiliated to Health Campaigns Together.

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