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Hospital Millions

NEW Cronyvirus 2020 Edition

A FREE exciting interactive board game

With government warnings against families and friends playing board games or card games this Christmas, Health Campaigns Together brings you the ideal holiday game for up to 4 players.

We have brought the original 2013 Classic game up to date, playing without limits for hugely increased sums of money. The new board features all the latest forms of privatisation on offer, as well as some old favourites, for those brave or unscrupulous enough to cash in.

It's the ONLY safe way to privatise the NHS!

Just plug in or bluetooth link your laptop to a TV, add in the names of players, agree who will operate the computer, and enjoy a socially distanced and exciting interactive board game of investment and shameless speculation.

Make sure the sound is switched on!

Click here to play the game

“I never knew apps could work this well” – Ms D. Harding, Newmarket

“This world-beating game is only possible because of Brexit” – J-R. Mogg, Somerset

Still available:

Hospital Millions: Classic Edition

Created in 2013 by John and Paul Lister, and featured in Health Emergency issue 72.

Play Hospital Millions on your computer, with up to four players.

The interactive Board game of investment and shameless speculation is fun and educational.

“I never knew privatisation could be such fun” – J. Hunt, Surrey

“Only an idiot wouldn’t like this. I hated it.” – D. Davis, Brussels

Make sure the sound is switched on!

Click here to play the game

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