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Global Health versus Private Profit

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Click here to take a look inside John Lister’s 360-page book Global Health versus Private Profit. Buy a print copy for a bargain £15 (that’s a 40% reduction for campaigners).

Much has changed since John Lister's first book was published, but the pressure for the introduction of market-based approaches has remained undiminished.

In 2013, in a revised and restructured analysis, Health Policy Reform: Global Health versus Private Profit, John Lister brought his critique of health policy up-to-date. He continues to question whether the major 'reforms' which have been, and are still being, introduced are driven primarily by the health needs of the wider population or, in fact, by the financial and political concerns of governments and global institutions. The global economic recession at the end of the first decade of this century adds even more urgency to the need to understand the implications of these trends.

“John Lister’s latest book is the summation of half a lifetime’s research and teaching on health and health policy by a committed scholar–activist. … Lister’s knowledge of the literature, lucid reasoning and clean prose are a class act. This is a major achievement which everyone interested in health needs to read.”

Colin Leys, Emeritus Professor of Political Studies, Queen’s University, Canada, joint author of The Plot Against the NHS

Print copy available from Libri Press, £15 (usual price £25).

To claim your discount, quote code GHV when ordering.


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The Lowdown aims to make evidence-based journalism and research on the NHS available to all campaigners and union activists, with a searchable website and a pdf round-up to supporters, beginning fortnightly and building to weekly to keep pace with fast-moving stories.

It will critique mainstream and specialist media news and break new stories.

The project, which has won catalyst funding from UNISON and Unite, is seeking sponsors and supporters to sustain it avoiding a firewall that would exclude many activists. Please support us. Contact The Lowdown at contactus@lowdownnhs.info

The Lowdown website

Back issues are available in pdf format

PFI: Unhealthy Profits

Unhealthy Profits is written by John Lister and commissioned and published by UNISON Mid Yorkshire Health Branch. It covers the origins, theory and practice and the costs and consequences of the Private Finance Initiative in Britain's NHS, as well as the case study of the ongoing 25-year fight against it in Mid Yorkshire, and a chapter discussing what to do about it.

An extended Postscript looks at the spread of PFI and similar Public Private Partnerships around the world, creating similar problems for governments and health care staff and management.

One reviewer comments: “John Lister's excellent book on PFI combines very well his journalism and analysis skills. The level of detail is astonishing and this allows real strength to the demolition of the various bogus arguments put to justify and to defend PFI. … It supplies hard evidence and much ammunition to those who have campaigned against PFI and will do so again if it raises its ugly head.”

The book is available as a Kindle Edition (£7.50) or as a paperback (£9.99) from Amazon, with bulk orders (including colour photos) directly from the branch: midyorksunison@aol.co.uk.

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