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Council action on STPs

Council action is headed up by Hammersmith & Fulham and Ealing councils standing firm against pressure to sign their local NW London STP, and preparing for a legal challenge. But other councils are also taking a stand. Here are a few: more to come. Make sure your council is among them!

  • CCGs give ground in East London Standoff

    Document from East London local CCGs attempting to retain maximum control in the face of drive by the local STP (now rebranded as East London Health & Care Partnership (ELHCP) to merge 7 CCGs in North East London into one with a Single Accountable Officer, backed up by the threat of possible funding for "transformation" being withheld:

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  • Hackney council steps in on accountability

    Legal advice has led to a challenge to the power and legal status of Sustainability and Transformation Plans, questioning whether they have the power to force through the cuts, closures and reconfiguration that they were intended to implement in order to balance the books.

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  • Staffordshire councillors and MPs resist STP cuts Local news reports indicate that at least 3 MPs and Stafford City council (by unanimous vote) are now opposed to the implicit plan to downgrade the A&E at Stafford Hospital, which is the only logical conclusion from plans outlined in the Stafford and Stoke on Trent STP.

    This raises questions over the STP’s unspoken assumption that politicians, local government officers and NHS managers will be able to work to a common agenda, accepting the rationalisation of A&E services.

    Stafford has now followed the example last autumn set by Stoke on Trent City Council concerned by the proposed closure of community hospitals in the north of the county, which has angered pensioners, councillors and many more – but which has already begun.

    According to the North Staffordshire Pensioners Convention:

      “On Thursday 20th October Stoke-on-Trent City Council voted unanimously for the following motion:

      “This City Council notes the proposed closure of Community Beds at Longton Cottage, Cheadle and Bradwell Hospitals and the devastating effect this will have on the most vulnerable residents in this City. We call on the CCG to put a hold on these plans until meaningful consultation has taken place and a full impact assessment has been carried out.”

      We are co-operating with others in the community who share our concerns, we will be sending the Open Letter to NHS England and those at Regional NHS level and anybody else we can think of. In the longer term, we will be gathering evidence of people’s experiences of care in the community to form a report that will inform our future campaigning.

      There is near unanimous opposition in North Staffordshire to the current strategy as it stands. If the NHS ignores this and ploughs on with these plans there will be grave consequences for democracy and for those who depend on the NHS for their care.”

  • Council motions on STPs/Success Regimes – Devon, Oxford, Liverpool. Plus video from Shropshire, a draft letter to councillors and council bodies and a briefing for councillors in NE London.

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