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April 7 each year is a day of international solidarity against privatisation. For the last few years this date has not worked well in England, but a network of campaigners have taken up the fight. Click here for a short video promoting the idea.


Canadian campaigners beat cuts and privatisation - A letter from Ontario Health Coalition Director Natalie Mehra to the first AGM of Health Campaigns Together.

The Ontario Health Coalition continues to fight cuts and privatisation across the vast province, with elections for the provincial government due for next June. Check out their website.


The Struggle for Health, a new pamphlet on the fight for health care in an age of neoliberalism, has been produced by Sebastian Franco of the Rosa Luxembourg Institute in Brussels. Download here.

The European Public Service Union (EPSU) brings together unions representing 8 million workers across the continent, and stands against austerity, cuts and privatisation. They have a website here, and a (relatively dated) overview of changes in European health systems here.

EPSU also supports the European Network against privatization and commercialization of Health and Social protection, which holds conferences and organises an annual Europe-wide mobilisation on April 7 each year. The Network is building an online database of privatisation. See its website here.

International Association of Health Policy in Europe (IAHPE) is holding its 18th Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece on September 21-24, supported by an impressive range of organisations from Europe, the Americas and Asia. Its blog, with links to the Conference are here.


Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) have been battling for the replacement of the costly, wasteful and exclusive health care system with a publicly-funded 'single-payer' system that would cover all Americans. They are gaining ground as the fight goes on against Donald Trump's plans. Their website with a wealth of information on the US health care system is here.

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