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As new publications appear during 2024 they will be downloadable, and copies can be purchased from this page.

Health Campaigns Together

Our 8-page printed tabloid newspaper was published quarterly from January 2016 to January 2020, after which Covid restrictions made distribution impossible. In Autumn 2022 a special issue sold out in days.

A further special issue was produced for Summer 2023.

Back issues of the newspaper can be downloaded here.

(For technical reasons, issues 1-17 plus two Election Specials, 2017 and 2019 are only available upon request to healthcampaignstogether@gmail.com)

A4 Trade Union

April 2023 - click here to download.

Monthly A4 Online

During peak of the Covid pandemic we ran a monthly A4 online magazine: all of these (nos 1-17) can be viewed here.

A Rescue Plan for the NHS

Our 2020 Rescue Plan for the NHS, [now replaced by the People's Vision for the NHS] can be viewed here.
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