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  • Long Term Plan threatens to create a remote, centralised NHS
    Health Campaigns Together editor John Lister takes a detailed look at the long list of uncosted promises and the partial call for rescinding regulations from the 2012 Health & Social Care Act, but warns “These relatively minor positive elements must not distract us from the hard proposals in the Plan for a further top-down reorganisation of England’s NHS”
  • Another top-down plan to make NHS even less accountable
    Health Campaigns Together editor John Lister explores the initial hints of the Long Term Plan contained within a document Preparing for 2019/20 Operational Planning and Contracting, published by NHS England on December 21 2018 (and subsequently expanded and republished).
  • Looking back on the “Five Year Forward View”
    2019 marks the fifth anniversary of the Five Year Forward View (FYFV), effectively Simon Stevens’ manifesto as the incoming chief executive of NHS England. How much of it has been implemented? What are the gaps?
  • The winter crisis is one of this government’s own making
    End of 2018 roundup 
    from Samantha Wathen, Press and Media Officer for Keep Our NHS Public.
    2012-13 saw the first reports of a winter crisis, but the situation has deteriorated dramatically since then as funding has not kept pace with the added demands placed on the service, while a collapsed social care system leans on the NHS very heavily. 
  • A Winter's Tale - no room on the wards
    An end of 2018 overview by HCT Editor John Lister
  • Critique of Five Year Forward View, STPs and ACOs and much MORE
  • STPs: How serious are the proposals?
    Detailed analysis published by LSBU, with all 44 summaries available HERE
  • What NHS Finance chiefs thought about STPs
  • Response to this from Nigel Edwards, Nuffield Trust Will the NHS really need fewer beds in the future?, available HERE

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