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One year of coronavirus ‘lockdowns’

Report by Dr John Puntis, co-chair Keep Our NHS Public to Health Campaigns Together affiliates meeting – 23rd January 2021.

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London plans for post-Covid fait accompli revealed

Evidence in two leaked documents shows that NHS England – at least in London and probably in every region – is planning behind the scenes to draw up plans at breakneck pace with no consultation – and impose a new “post-Covid” system on the NHS, which will largely eliminate accountability and consultation.

The first document is an April 29 letter from NHS England’s London Region director Sir David Sloman, requiring all five london “Integrated Care Systems” to draw up plans by May 11, to be discussed at a “Recovery Board” meeting om May 13 – all during the lockdown.

The second is a set of Powerpoint slides ‘Journey to a New Health and Care System’ dated April 24 from NHS England and NHS Improvement to all London ICS chairs, outlining plans to impose far-reaching plans for a “New Health and Care System for London” by November 2021 – with minimal if any public consultation.

Acute Danger

THREE CCGs, Merton, Sutton and Surrey Downs are ignoring calls from Merton council and others for a pause during the currect Covid-19 lockdown, and forging ahead with plans that would spend £500m on a new acute hospital in Sutton -- and halve the number of acute beds for the combined population of 720,000 people in plans that flout NHS England's latest planning guidance and were written before the current pandemic highlighted the shortage of acute bed capacity in the NHS.

While NHS England has suspended most normal activity and taken over CCG powers as part of the fight to containb the coronavirus, the CCGs refused to extend the consultation by more than 5 days, and are clearly continuing to work up their controversial plans behind locked doors and with no public scrutiny. The new hospital, which would concentrate all acute services in just 386 core beds, while A&E departments at Epsom and St Helier Hospitals are downgraded and beds reduced in number and downgraded to "district hospital" status, is one of the six to be funded by the Johnson government.

Read the UNISON branch's response to the plan HERE.

Response to NHS England's proposals for new legislation

Keep Our NHS Public and and HCT have collaborated on this response, the longer verion of which has been submitted to NHS England and NHS Improvement's 'engagement process' which concluded on April 25. Also attached is a shorter version developed by KONP.
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