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Patients4NHS is not a membership organisation but a website set up by a group of ordinary people, all of us patients, who are struggling to understand why and how the NHS is changing. We are not aligned to any political party but work alongside other groups and campaigns that are doing their best to defend the NHS against massive changes - which are unfolding as you read these words.

Without warning or agreement of the public, a new system for health care was set in motion by the Health & Social Care Act 2012. This is not just about efficiency savings or management re-organisation - but a total re-building of our health service on very different principles from those set at its foundation in 1945.

The NHS continues to be internationally recognised as one of the best and most cost effective health care systems in the world, and still provides a comprehensive service, paid for through taxation and free at the time of need for everyone in the UK. But it's now clear that the NHS as we know it is in serious danger. The purpose of this website is to help answer the question:

What is happening to the NHS?

Here are examples of some of the topics covered in this website:
  • Privatisation - does it matter if we still get the care we need?
  • TTIP - do we really need to worry about it?
  • Devolution of health care - will this be the ultimate postcode lottery?
  • PFI - is this the biggest mortgage scheme of all time?
  • Personal Health Budgets - who gets them? And what happens if the budget runs out?

The website also includes print-ready posters and a leaflet which summarises key points, links to other organisations, ideas about actions you can take if you are alarmed about direction of travel and updates on other "NHS Reforms" as they are revealed.

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