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Tuesday 14th November 2017

WestonMercury report

  • Hundreds turn out to save Weston Hospital A&E

    The event was organised by The Save Weston A&E Campaign, which is a partnership of Protect Our NHS North Somerset, The North Somerset & Weston Trades Council, and Weston Labour Party and an estimated 300 people supported the rally.

    Click on the link to see some fabulous photos.

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Thursday 12th October 2017

Save Our Hospitals Hammersmith & Charing Cross

  • St Mary's Hospital Urgent Care Centre in "Special Measures"

    The privatised Urgent Care Centre has been rated "inadequate" by the Care Quality Commission. Until April 2016 it had been run by hospital staff when the Central London Clinical Commissioning Group took the contract away from the NHS and gave it to Vocare Ltd.

    Since then staff at Imperial Board meetings have regularly reported poor performance but worryingly no improvements were made.

    In July 17 the CQC rated it "Inadequate for being safe, effective and well-led. It was rated Requires Improvement for being caring"

    At the time of inspection there was no permanent clinical director, operational service manager or lead nurse in post and ongoing clinical under-staffing.

    The inspectors recorded that accessing the UCC on foot once on hospital premises could take up to 30 minutes.

    They reported insufficient oversight and monitoring of risks and incidents and insufficient attention to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

    NW Londoners will rightly question why a reliable NHS service was privatised and why the CCG who commissioned Vocare failed to monitor and improve the situation. 

    They may also feel that this is more evidence that the plan to close Charing Cross Hospital's blue light A&E and replace it with an urgent care centre is not in patients' best interests.

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Saturday 7th October 2017

  • City & Hackney CCG bows to pressure & votes to hand powers to north east London NHS 'super chief'

    This decision for a single accountable officer was made despite lack of evidence, and a strong case made by the councils, CCG and KONP against the proposals, backed by legal advice.

    There was laughter in the committee room including from advocates of the plan such as Sam Everington, when someone asked 'is this job do-able?'

    Healthwatch Hackney has been fighting the STP from the start.

    Now the principle of local accountability has been surrendered by the CCG the battle will have to be taken on through non-NHS bodies.

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Wednesday 27th September 2017

  • Composite motion on NHS, passed by Labour Conference 26/9

    Composite 8: NHS

    The NHS Accountable Care System (ACS) contracts announced on 7 August impose a basis for 44+ local health services to replace England’s NHS. This has bypassed Parliamentary debate and due legislative process.

    On 9 August, the House of Commons Library revealed a doubling of the number of NHS sites being sold off. 117 of these currently provide clinical services. Like their US templates, ACSs will provide limited services on restricted budgets, replacing NHS hospitals with deskilled community units.

    This will worsen health indicators like the long term increase in life expectancy, stalled since 2010.The ACSs and asset sell-off result directly from the 5 Year Forward View (5YFV) currently being implemented via Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs).

    The 5YFV precisely reflects healthcare multinationals’ global policy aims.

    Labour opposes ACSs.

    New legal opinion finds STPs lack any legal powers or status under the 2012 Act: yet they seek through bureaucratic means to eliminate or override the already minimal remaining level of local accountability and democratic control over NHS commissioning and provision.

    They could eliminate remaining statutory powers and rights of local authorities, commissioners and providers.

    Many of these also outline plans to establish ‘Accountable Care Systems’.•

    Conference condemns the current Tory NHS pay cap for all staff and the scrapping of the university training bursary for health Students as significant contributors to the current staffing crisis.

    Conference welcomes the commitments made in the Labour manifesto to scrap the pay cap for NHS staff. This Conference calls on our Party to restore our NHS by reversing all privatisation and permanently halting STPs and ACSs.

    Labour is committed to an NHS which is publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable. We therefore call on the Party to oppose and reverse funding cuts meeting Western European levels.

    Conference opposes FYFV policy:

    • downskilling clinical staff;
    • Tory cuts to the NHS including the Capped Expenditure Process;
    • the sell-off of NHS sites;
    • reclassifying NHS services as means-tested social care;
    • cementing the private sector role as ACS partners and as combined health/social care service providers.
    • replacing 7500 GP surgeries with 1500 “superhubs”.

    Conference recognises that reversing this process demands more than amending the 2012 Health & Social Care Act and calls for our next manifesto to include existing Party policy to restore our fully-funded, comprehensive, universal, publicly-provided and owned NHS without user charges, as per the NHS Bill (2016-17).

    Conference opposes the Naylor Report's call for a fire-sale of NHS assets and instead resolves that the next Labour government will invest at least £10 billion in the capital needs of the NHS.

    Conference therefore calls on all sections of the Party to join with patients, health-workers, trade unions and all other NHS supporters to campaign for:

    • increasing recruitment and training
    • an NHS that is publicly owned, funded, provided and accountable;
    • urgent reductions in waiting-times;
    • adequate funding for all services, including mental health services
    • tackling the causes of ill-health, e.g. austerity, poverty and poor housing, via a properly funded public health programme,
    • reversing privatisation, PFIs and the debts which they entail;
    • reversing private involvement in NHS management and provision;
    • recognition of the continuing vital NHS role of EU nationals;· Constructive engagement with NHS staff-organisations
    • rejecting the Tories Sustainability & Transformation Plans (STPs) as vehicles for cuts in services;
    • urgent reductions in waiting-times;
    • scrapping the Tories' austerity cap on pay-levels; restoration of NHS student bursaries;
    • excluding NHS from free trade agreements
    • and repeal and reverse the 2012 Act, to reinstate and reintegrate the NHS as a public service, publicly provided, and strengthen democratic accountability.

    Conference welcomes Labour's commitment to making child health a national priority, including investment in children's and adolescents' mental health services.

    Labour created our NHS. Labour must now defend it

    Mover: Socialist Heath Association

    Seconder: Islington South and Finsbury

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