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Health Emergency

Health Emergency is a campaign resource for those fighting cuts, closures, rationalisation, privatisation and PFI, and has emerged from the continuing campaign work of London Health Emergency established in 1983. Director Dr John Lister has been researcher, editor and publicity advisor for NHS since 1984.

John Lister on behalf of LHE, was one of the founder members of Keep Our NHS Public in 2005 and has been one of its best known speakers.

Health Emergency has conducted detailed research and projects with trade unions, councils and other organisations on PFI, privatisation, reconfiguration of hospitals, mental health, social care, community care, and global health issues, and campaigned with the Ontario Health Coalition in Canada.

It continues to campaign into a fourth decade, and still has affiliates from health and other unions, and local campaigns, and uses surplus income from commissioned work to help resource and build wider campaigns.

HE has been among the groups supporting Allyson Pollock and Peter Roderick's NHS Reinstatement Bill to reverse the disastrous Lansley "reforms" and has been among the initiators of Health Campaigns Together, the broader attempt to unite efforts of health campaigners in fighting cuts and privatisation.

HE's website carries an updating Twitter feed, occasional breaking news, and an extensive archive of research and publications. Plus an educational online game Hospital Millions illustrating the dangers of the various aspects of privatisation.

Email johnlister@healthemergency.org.uk

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