A coalition to defend #ourNHS

Campaigners’ Conference

Saturday November 4, 11.00-4.30pm
Hammersmith Town Hall, W6 9LE

Our NHS and Social Care in Crisis

This is a campaigners’ conference, to update and share information and experience from the fight to defend our NHS against cash-driven cuts and privatisation. It will have no status to debate or decide on motions.

  • Getting to Hammersmith Town Hall: download a map

    Most of the conference time will be workshop discussion on a range of topics which we plan to include:
    • Working with Local Government
    • Defending rural health
    • Fighting for mental health
    • The fight for social care
    • Fighting Cuts, STPs, ACSs etc
    • Safe staffing
    • Fighting privatisation
    • Estates sell-off and PFI
    • Fighting for new legislation to reverse the 2012 Act
    • Busting the pay cap
    • Immigrants and the NHS (run by Docs not Cops and One Day Without Us)
    • International campaigns, with Natalie Mehra from Ontario Health Coalition
    • Workshops setting up new REGIONAL campaigning networks

    A detailed agenda will be published soon: watch this space.

    Order tickets here, then select which workshops you would like to attend here.

    There will be conference INFORMATION PACKS, with material on all the workshop topics, for every delegate, plus the chance to discuss and build new networks.

    SHARE AND LEARN from local campaigns and trade union activists across the country.

    JOIN the coalition of forces determined to defend and restore #ourNHS.

    Theresa May’s government has no mandate for cuts and privatisation: let’s make sure plans that lead to these are stopped, dropped and abandoned.


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    Once you have registered, you can select which workshops you would like to attend here.

    To book a ticket by cheque, send your full name and contact details to

    HCT, 28 Washbourne Road, Leamington Spa CV31 2LD.

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