We will continue circulating our now QUARTERLY newspaper Health Campaigns Together FREE online (with full back issues available).

However we need to charge cost price for bundles of the printed newspaper (now increased from 8 pages to a 12-page tabloid, full colour), and while we have kept the price fixed, the postal rates have had to go up from Issue 6 because of the increased size and weight of the newspaper, and increased cost of packaging the largest (500) bundles.

Please contact us to inquire about non-standard quantities.

The new rates PER ISSUE from Issue 6 are:
    10 copies £10 (£5 + £5 post and packing)
    50 copies £25 (£15 + £10 post and packing)
    100 copies £35 (£20 + £15 post and packing)
    500 copies £70 (£40 + £30 post and packing)
SPECIAL OFFER: because of Election timing, we will deduct 20% from all orders for issue 6.

2017 Election Special

    10 copies £8
    50 copies £23
    100 copies £30
    200 copies £40
    300 copies £45
    500 copies £55
    1000 copies £100
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Prices include postage and packing

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SPECIAL OFFER: because of Election timing, we will deduct 20% from all orders for issue 6. This will be reflected in the figure shown below.

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  • To streamline administration, bundles of papers will only be sent on receipt of payment, preferably online, and a full mailing address.
  • The cost quoted, to cover publication, printing and distribution, is per issue, not per year. You can help us build for the future by subscribing in advance for future issues.
  • NB: IMPORTANT NOTE: IT IS ESSENTIAL that when ordering newspapers, you make sure you also send us the CORRECT NAME AND ADDRESS FOR POSTING your bundle to you by Royal Mail.
  • Once stocks of any issue are exhausted, subsequent orders will be applied to the next issue.
Itís best for us if you can make direct payments online to our Coop Bank account:
Sort Code 08-92-99, Account Number 65797921.

If you are unable to make payments online, cheques are very welcome. Please make out to Health Campaigns Together, and send c/o HCT, 28 Washbourne Rd, Leamington Spa CV31 2LD.

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