NHS Bill Meeting with MPs 28 June

The Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill is organising this with Rachael Maskell, Labour MP for York Central. Campaigners are being asked to lobby their MPs to attend.

The meeting is intended to build support amongst MPs for re-tabling the Bill as a cross party Bill on 30th June (deadline for slots for non-ballot Private Members Bills).

This follows the predictable and shameful filibustering into oblivion of Caroline Lucas's honourable attempt to get her private members' Bill through this Parliament.

Shame on them: but we're back!

Rachael Maskell MP, elected last year as Labour MP for York Central and former head of health at Unite, has requested campaigners to ask MPs to attend.

The meeting will be by invitation only, since the room only holds 90 people. Please lobby your MP on this - The NHS Bill will never become law until enough MPs are convinced it needs to. And that means educating many of them! Including Labour.

March 11: the date the Bill was moved in the Commons by the Green Party's Caroline Lucas MP

The London petition hand in at DoH, Richmond House (picture above), was successful and well supported. The Rally outside parliament had around 200 people during the course of the rally and had a great atmosphere, and very good speeches

The guilty men: the Tories who deliberately left just 17 minutes for the Bill to be moved

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